Over 458 Pages, With 26 Interviews, The Whole Backstory, Collectibles, Hardware, All The Unreleased Stuff... A Work Of Reference

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To celebrate a console that brought wonder into the lives of so many, and a brand that reshaped the whole entertainment industry, the authors retrace Sony's incredible journey, from the company's creation following World War II, to the machine's retirement in the early 2000's. Throughout the 26 interviews, important figures of the period recount their experiences with unabashed honesty, painting a detailed picture of the great venture led by Ken Kutaragi. Much like the Nintendo 64 Anthology, the PlayStation Anthology is unique in both form and content.



To fully appreciate the scale of the PlayStation phenomenon, you first have to learn of its genesis and the context in which it was developed, and understand the commercial and marketing power of Sony itself. The PlayStation Anthology sheds light on the birth of the PlayStation and Sony, the company's triumphs as well as its shortcomings, its strategies, technological advancements and, of course, its fantastical games library.


  • Trim size: 8.50x10.5 inches (216x267mm)
  • Cover: 4 pages, 4-color, Pantone silver, mat lamination, sport gloss UV varnish
  • Paper cover: Gloss coated, high density
  • Inside: 440 pages, 4-colors printing on 135 gsm gloss coated paper
  • Binding: Hardcover, tread sewn, 2mm thick cardboard, head & tails, shrink wrapped
  • Weight: 2000 gr

Release date: Mid november


  • The Sony Miracle (1945-1958)
    Amidst the Reconstruction
    The Power of Innovation
  • Sony Corporation's Development and Struggles (1958-1990)
    A New Cultural Leader
    VCR, VHS or Betamax?
    A Paper Tiger
    Kids of the Digital Dream
    A New Generation Console
  • Gateway to the World of Video Games (1980-1994)
    In the Thick of It (1980-1988)
    Project "Play Station" (1988-1991)
    Sony: Locked and Loaded (1991-1992)
    The Revolution Underway (1992-1994)
  • PlayStation
    Historical Launch (1994-1995)
    A New Era (1995-1996)
    1997: The PlayStation Avalanche
  • Dawn of a New Millennium (1998-1999)
    A Market All to Itself
    Marketing and Sales Smarts
  • Sony Computer Entertainment: Redevelopment
    Economic Crisis in Japan
    The West: A Land of Opportunity
  • Enemy Retaliation
    On the Road to E3
    One Step Further
  • Another New Generation
    Mass Market
    Sony, Sega, Nintendo: A New Power Balance
    Ever-Evolving New Hurdle

  • Curtain Call (2000-2006)
    Giants Counterattack

  • Live in Your World, Play in Ours (2000-2002)
    The Next Century
    Between Two Worlds (2001)
    New Harvest (2002)

  • The PlayStation Generation (2003-2005)

  • A Pivotal Time for the PlayStation


To fully grasp the situation, the market, and the story, it is important to hear from those who experienced this epic from the inside. The authors got in touch with the people who helped build the legend that is the PlayStation.

The Interviewees Who Made History

  • Lorne Lanning (Oddworld Inhabitants – Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exoddus)
  • Charles Cecil (Revolution Software – Broken Sword)
  • Yūji Horii (Enix – Dragon Quest)
  • Rodney Greenblat (PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Osamu Sato (Asmik – LSD)
  • Kanta Watanabe (Fill-in-Café – Panzer Bandit, Rakugaki Showtime)
  • Hitoshi Sakimoto (Square Enix – Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics)
  • Martin Edmondson (Reflections – Destruction Derby, Driver)
  • Hiromasa Iwasaki (Denkegi PlayStation)
  • Masaya Matsuura (Composer – PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Denis Friedman (Psygnosis – Adidas Power Soccer, The City of Lost Children)
  • Jason Rubin (Naughty Dog – Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter)
  • Carlo Perconti (Toka – Burning Road)
  • Michiru Yamane (Composer– Castlevania)
  • Pascal Jarry (SCEE – Porsche Challenge, Rapid Racer)
  • Naosuke Arai (Technosoft – Thunder Storm)
  • Yokoyama Hideyuki (Atlus – Thousand Arms, Legend of Kartia)
  • Julien Merceron (Ubisoft – Rayman 2)
  • Yoshinori Kitase (Square Enix – Final Fantasy)
  • Tommy Tallarico (Composer – Time Crisis, Earthworm Jim)
  • Harada Katsuhiro (Namco – Tekken)
  • Minoru Kidooka (Arc – Guilty Gear)
  • Suda51 (Grasshopper – Silver Case)
  • Akitoshi Kawazu (Square Enix – Final Fantasy, SaGa Frontier)
  • Ian Livingstone (Eidos – Tomb Raider)
  • Hideaki Itsuno (Capcom – Street Fighter Alpha, Star Gladiator)


Year after year, the PlayStation was host to vast arrays of collector's edition games. In this section, you'll find all the most mythical and the most sought-after versions in chronological order.



The Collector's Guide of all official PlayStation games, in all territories: 17 games in 1994, 164 in 1995, 490 in 1996, 543 in 1997, 673 in 1998, 763 in 1999, 690 in 2000, 390 in 2001, 285 in 2002, 105 in 2003, 28 in 2004, 1 in 2005 and in 2006, making a total of 4150 unique games. The perfect tool for collectors who want full sets.