Publish Your Own Project With Us

You have video game publication project? You feel like an author in your soul? Did you write or do you feel like writing a book about video games? We have a solution for you. 

A unique expertise

Thanks to our experience in various fields such as press, publishing, communication and large retailing, we have built a privileged network with the most important players of the industry. Our field of action goes from the analysis of your project to its validation and eventually its commercialization. Our goal is to guide you, be there for you and to apply our unique expertise to make your project happen. Founded by video games passionate in the industry for more than 25 years, Geeks-Line covers and manages all the publishing and shipping professions: layout, printing, distribution, all of that closer to the reader.

Your project

Whatever step your project is at, you’ll find a skillful, open, attentive person to answer all the questions any author can and has to ask.

Looking for funding?

Geeks-Line can also help you on this vital part. You don’t have the necessary resources to publish and commercialized your book? Geeks-Line can become your publisher and distributor. Geeks-Line will then take care of all the spending related to book publishing (layout, printing, commercialization, distribution) and you’ll receive a monetary compensation. Geeks-Line will also be able to pay you an advance on your royalties.

Math Manent testimonial (Nintendo 64 Anthology anthology)

Mathieu ManentWhen a friend of mine told me of the possibility to have my project published and distributed by Geeks-Line, I immediately submit it to them. After only a week, it was accepted and entirely funded.

Geeks-Line took care of the revision, layout, manufacturing, and shipping, I could then focus on what I loved: writing! Geeks-Line was also a great help when it came to writing by helping me content-wise and contacting people from the industry thanks to their wide network such as Martin Hollis, GoldenEye creator.

Even before the book was released, I had some advance money when I signed the contract. Thanks to this very first project, I can now be committed to my passion and go on to write other books.

Math Manent